I find my subconscious mind terribly creative. How it comes up with these horribly vivid dreams I have really puts my conscious mind to shame. The thing is, the dream-stories are always vivid, well plotted, and detailed. I can't even plan a scene or a plot...or anything. Also, these dreams of late have been sepia toned. hm.

dream 1: We are in Jei's kitchen (dreamland kitchen not her actual kitchen) and I grab a fruit off the counter to give her. She takes it from my hand and eats it and then runs off to the bathroom, kind of does the whole Violet Beauregarde blueberry expansion thing, and dies. Apparently she is deathly allergic to something I touched. I cry for weeks and weeks over the demise of Jei and my own guilt. I tell my friend Musetta from UofM and she is extremely angry with me. (She somehow knows Jei in dreamland) the end. (Woke up super depressed from this one...so realistic!)

dream 2+2.5: these two dreams were kind of linked as they were set in the same dreamaverse. They take place in this huge starbucks that has a whole foods-ish market in the back, but with clothes too. Not much actually happens in dream 2. I just shop around the market with me mum and sis. However in 2.5 I end up dating one of my guy friends. not going to say which one, but yeah. I somehow always end up dreaming at least once that I'm dating one of my guy friends. I'm not really sure what this says about me...

dream 3: (this dream wasn't in sepia, it was more like those washed out photos from the 70's) My mom and I are driving around in our saturn station wagon and we seem to be on the road somewhere out west. We stop at various small hick towns and well, we're witches. We find children in these towns and kill them to, I guess, sustain our existence. I don't think we actually eat them, but their deaths are what allows up to exist. Anyway, we leave the towns a few children lighter. We reach one town and are going about our usual ways. We have bought some fresh fruits and stuff that are actually for us to use in luring out the children. We park outside a megastore for the night as we must lure out the children at dawn, so we spend the night there. However, the lady who lives above and owns the megastore comes out during the night since she sees us out there. She has fruit in hand, but when I won't go with her and refuse to open the car door, she see what w have in our car. She' not a witch herself but she is a similar type being and has been slowly draining the town's children for her sustenance. There's this whole I know what you are and I know what YOU are type argument and then I kill her and we make our escape.
(This is what I get for reading Fables Comics before bed...)

anyways, I'm off to the kenilworth rummage sale! Hope i find me some treasures!
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From: [personal profile] dokkaebi

I think your subconscious is linked to mine. I've srsly been concerned about making a Violet Beauregard exit on account of how much my dad keeps trying to feed me. It's ridiculous; I am used to the Po' College Student Grad menu of A BAGEL and A CUP OF YOGURT and SOME PASTA for the entire day, and my dad makes more than this for a single meal @_@

But I'm totes not dead! Nor am I allergic to any foodstuff that I know of! Nor do I know this Musetta person, though she has a cool name...


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