Not really what you think, but it is the morning after my appointment. heh.

There's something weird about dental hygienists and dentists that makes them want to talk to you and ask you questions while you are sitting nearly upside-down with their fingers in your mouth. Really makes it hard to have a conversation. You are then forced to resort to half shrugs and awkward grunts.

Besides that: I think I have put the finishing touches on my layout! Well until I decide to change it. Please do tell if there is something amiss i.e. white on white links. ;)

My ultimate plan of moneymaking is to have a ridiculously popular best-selling novel of some sort and thus be able to pay off my student loans and live a life of luxury, money, and snobbery. Towards that end, I've been desperately trying to spew out anything that comes into my silly little head. Unfortunately, it seems I can go only about a page and a half without actually having a plot. That being said, I think I'll post my failed attempts here as they come along.

Ah public humiliation, you taste so good.


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