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spoonbaby ([personal profile] spoonbaby) wrote2009-07-08 10:19 am

Thoughts in the Mind of an Ordinary Nobody

I've recently started missing my old livejournal account. Mainly because I find myself thinking in journal format and wanting somewhere to share the little weirdities of my life.

I should thank dokkaebi for inviting me.

In other news: I have a dental hygiene appointment today with that guy-who-cancelled-my-appointment-last-week-for-no-reason-and-didn't-bother-to-tell-me. Yeah, him. Sort of feeling passive aggressive. Contemplating not going just to piss him off.

yeah that'd show 'im.

Maybe I just need some ice cream.
dokkaebi: (bear approval)

[personal profile] dokkaebi 2009-07-08 11:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Whee, now you can read all my access-only posts! How very fortunate for you XD

Also, your layout is ADORABLE. Sadly, I can't see the Comment (and some other, less crucial) link 'cause it's white on white :C

Ice cream is always a good idea.